The worlds first "Performing Art"

A New Standard in NFTs

With Backers, every dollar that is donated is used to fund charity, grow the asset pool and provide value to our NFT holders. When you own Backers' artwork, you will fund lasting change while creating perpetual income for the causes you care about.

Creating Endowments


Backers will be releasing its first NFT drop in the upcoming months. Those that meet the minimum donation or multiple of that minimum will receive an NFT(s) that are related to the associated drop. These NFTs will grant the holder to certain online events held exclusively for our supporters.

Resourcing Individuals and Organizations

Backers will work with other groups and organizations that want to employ our model. We will help these groups build and release their own NFTs funding to their organizations and those they serve. These individuals and groups will be resourced in troubled times to positively impact their communities.

What if we fail?

Our funding and budgeting model allows us to develop the platform while never reducing the floor price of our NFTs. If you are unsatisfied in any way, you are entitled to a refund of your donation after 180 days. We are here to create fully resourced individuals and groups that enjoy the financial freedom to serve those around them, in good times and bad, and outside of the control or manipulation of others.
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