The worlds first "Performing Art"

A New Standard in Defi and NFTs

With Backers, every dollar that is used to purchase our art is used to fund charity, grow the asset pool and provide value to our NFT holders. When you own Backers' artwork, you will fund lasting change while creating perpetual income for the causes you care about. This will be a combination of assets in the tradition and decentralized finance space.

Creating Perpetual Endowments


Backers will be releasing its first NFT drop in the next several weeks. The artwork will be launched to a whitelisted audience, ensuring a fair release. ALL of the proceeds from the sale will remain in the protocol. The failure of TITAN and many others are caused by the simple truth that NOTHING is backing the value of their token. When the music stops and the selling starts, there is nothing to stop the token from trading to zero. There is no difference in the NFT Space. Most projects will go to zero as the projects do not retain the value that was used to create them. Backers art will forever be backed by assets in the traditional and decentralized finance space.

We Set The Floor

Our goal at Backers is to get each one of our customers to a place of financial independence, where they are resourced to look after themselves and those in their community. We do this by compounding and growing the asset pool, increasing the value month after month.

Resourcing Individuals and Organizations

Backers will work with other groups and organizations that want to employ our model. We will help these groups build and release their own NFTs funding to their organizations and those they serve. These individuals and groups will be resourced in troubled times to positively impact their communities.

Backers Roadmap

Self Paying Loans

The Backers Platform will contain a mechanism for art owners to stake artwork as collateral and to borrow against it. Each Backers loan will be backed by the value of the art, as well as the assets in the Backers pool and the income that it generates. This diversification of the assets creates a stable value base for the collateral such that the user WILL NOT have to suffer liquidation. Liquidation WILL NOT be possible on the Backers Platform. Remember that all Backers art holders earn rewards on their artwork, so they have the choice of paying off the loan or letting the rewards pay it off over time.


The Backers Platform will contain a mechanism for users to swap tokens. The protocol will allow users to contribute one asset and receive another asset from the pool. The protocol will be able to receive assets on one blockchain and disburse assets on another. Transaction fees paid by users will be distributed along as rewards. Backers customers will be able to perform swaps with little or no fees.

Value Through Utility

Your NFT will grant you access to exclusive content, monthly masterclasses and AMAs with influencers and marketplace leaders. Your NFT will also act as an admission ticket to IRL events as well as make you eligible for future airdrops.

What if we fail?

Our funding and budgeting model allows us to develop the platform while never reducing the floor price of our NFTs. If you are unsatisfied in any way, you are entitled to a refund of your donation after 90 days. We are not here to risk anyone's capital, we are here to create fully resourced individuals and groups, that enjoy the financial freedom to serve those around them, in good times and bad, and outside of the control or manipulation of others.
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