Backers Charity

Resourcing those who serve our communities.

Resourcing Change

There are may wonderful organizations out there that are having a real impact on the communities they have chosen to serve. We recognize those who sacrifice for others and we are building a platform to resource them perpetually. We will rigorously vet the charities and organizations that we work with to ensure the highest commitment to service. We will partner with these groups to help fund them for generations and allow their impact to be felt regardless of outside social or economic conditions.
Our founders have researched and contributed to several of the groups that we will be approaching, as they have continued to show the ability to do much with little. These are lean organizations that prioritize their mission over their compensation.

Perpetual Funding

At Backers, we will be on the lookout for groups that are impactful. Many groups are constantly underfunded for the type of work that they perform and the obligations that they undertake. We are looking to partner with these groups to help them establish the funding they need, now and in the future. By helping these groups efficiently fundraise and plan for the future, we can have them at their goals quickly, abundantly resourced, and making their maximum impact regardless of external market or monetary forces.
Stay tuned for announcements and keep an eye out for the release of


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