Our Drops

To Our Backers, current and future:

It is important that we provide a fair launch and avoid a gas war for our customers. We have structured our first drop with certain safeguards, but we think they are worth the extra steps as we work together to change the way protocols and projects are built.
We have always tried to share our progress with our shareholders and we will continue that tradition with our Backers.

You can't make something out of nothing:

As our protocol is designed to capture the value used to create it, we can’t exactly try to create something from nothing. Accordingly, zero allocations have been handed out to our community or influencers. As a way of rewarding those that have contributed to our early growth we will distribute a ‘Founding Member’ NFT that will entitle them to royalties, paid out of the operations budget.

Drop One; Original Backers

Our first drop will be a collection of 10,000 unique pieces. An original creation. Our amazing pieces were created using the same logic as BAYC and can be verified as having been created with random traits and with a fixed supply. These will be the first of their kind as they will forever set the standard for protocols and projects with regard to use of funds and community development.
Skin in the Game: Round Zero The "Founders" of Backers Inc. will mint the first 25 pieces at the full price of 1 Ethereum each. Theirs will be the first 25 Ethereum contributed to the Backers LLC pool of assets.
Public Sale: Round One Round One will last 48 hours during which the first 3,300 registered users will each be allowed to mint up to three NFTs. We are encouraging people to register quickly to close the books and prohibit whales/scammers from trying to game the system.
Public Sale: Round Two The next 1,700 registered users will have 24 hours to buy up to 3 NFTs of any that remain after Round One concludes. If for some reason all pieces do not sell out after Round Two, we will open the sale for any registered user to buy as many as they like.
Registration: Getting on the Whitelist To eliminate gas wars and provide a fair launch, we will be registering up to 5,000 users to participate in the sale. We are not ‘KYC-ing’ our users, but we are trying to limit people registering multiple addresses. We will use cell phone validation to help ensure one real person per wallet. If we catch people cheating, they will move from the whitelist to the blacklist.
As a ‘Thank You’ to our Founding Members and Shareholders, around 200 people, we have ensured that they will have a place in the initial drop. They will have to register through our website and be validated against our shareholder database. They, like all users, will be allowed to mint up to three NFTs at full price.


We will confirm the date of the drop once we have 3,300 confirmed users. The drop can happen once we have 5,000 registered users.
Our public sale will happen over three days. Once you're registered, there is no need to rush during Round One of the sale, as all allocations are reserved and each wallet can only mint three NFTs. Please note that should you not claim your allocation during this time, you will forfeit the allocation and it will become available in the second round. You can still purchase in the second round as you will be whitelisted for all rounds, but the reservation will no longer be there.

"Original Backers" and "First Buyer Royalties"

The first owner of these Series One Backers NFTs will receive royalties on all future sales of NFTs they minted. You will be able to claim and "Original Backer" NFT for each NFT that you mint from this first drop. This "Original Backer" NFT enables you enjoy First Buyer Royalties, and also pays additional royalties from the Backers pool of assets.

Future Drops

At Backers, we are planning future drops that will have additional access and benefits. We are also planning to fractionalize some of the set so that we can lower the barrier to entry for those that want to join our community. With our model, you need not fear future drops as a threat to the floor value of your piece or your royalties. Every future drop will increase the size of the asset pool, not lower it. As the asset pool grows, so will the opportunities for those assets to be leveraged for the benefit of our entire community.

Thank You

To those that have been with us from the beginning, Thank you. To our new Backers, welcome to the family. We are going to do amazing things together. Our team is proud of the work that we have done and the standards that we are setting in the Crypto Community. We will continue to commit our time, effort and energy to building something revolutionary for our Backers.

We build together.


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