Our History

The Backers Story

Backers Inc., was founded in Wyoming in the United States. The company filed for and was approved to raise capital via a common stock offering. The authorization allowed Backers Inc. shares of common stock to unaccredited investors via NetCapital. NetCapital managed the stock offering and all necessary SEC filings.
At the time of our initial offering, we had a longer roadmap that began by leveraging some of our work in smart contracts to provide services for the eSports industry. Our next leg was going to be using the eSports success as a doorway into changing how charities and schools raise money for their programs. That is where we really expected to show our stuff, by building products and protocols that retain the value used to create them and then begin to generate wealth for individuals, their families and their communities.
We have decided to accelerate and focus our efforts on what we believe will provide the maximum benefit not only to our shareholders, but to every new customer.
Backers Art is being released by Backers LLC in St. Vincent to avoid any future regulatory issues in the United States. Backers Inc is the sole beneficiary of Backers LLC. All of the Backers shareholders will receive their royalties out of the 1% founders/artists portion.
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