Our Vision
Provide generational wealth and freedom, while setting a new standard for protocols and projects.

Financial Freedom

Our goal is to build a protocol that produces financial freedom for individuals and organizations. By creating pools of appreciating assets that are also generating revenue, we maximize the financial rewards and increase the value of our art. Ownership of an NFT will provide a stream of royalties from assets owned the protocol.
Traditional financial systems are broken and the fiat monetary system is under considerable strain. In the DeFi space anyone can participate, but all too often projects fail their customers or are outright scams. At Backers, we are producing art masterpieces that not only retain their value, but that value goes to work for you.

Breaking Cycles of Dependency and Poverty

We have all seen what they have done with the monetary system, and now they want to provide UBI. A system that gives you everything can take it all away. Even with the best of intentions, a centralized power providing for you is a tenuous arrangement, as the slightest disruption can have wide-reaching effects and ultimately leave you without essentials and without recourse. We envision a different solution; one where people and organizations hold royalty generating assets, with real value, so that they can provide for themselves and one another.

Want to Change the World?

Most individuals, community groups, churches and charities have no real power. Politicians are motivated by money and votes, and those who can't lobby, donate, or corral votes are often neglected. When times get tough, organizations that are last in line for government support and rely heavily on donations, run low on resources almost as quickly as the communities they want to serve. Yet we know that local organizations are frequently the most trusted and effective at providing services to their communities. Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations with perpetual funding, so that they are a resource to their community, in good times and bad.
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